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Carpet Cleaning

There is no “one size fits all” method to cleaning a carpet. Carpet construction and fibre type, age, location and usage can dictate the system used.


We can discuss this with you, along with the price, before we commence any work.


Special attention is always paid to the areas of high traffic, usually that is, doorways, in front of chairs and settees etc.

Typical before and after images at one of our regular customers

Before cleaning
After cleaning

Stain treatment and Stainguard

Accidents do happen from time to time, you would be amazed at the number of enquiries we get after a weekend!

We can treat most stains and usually either remove them or improve them, however there are instances where treatment is either impossible or the stain may not come out.

Sometimes it is the nature of the spillage, hair dyes and tanning agents, unfortunately, will end up as a permanent feature. The only solution would be to place a rug or piece of furniture over it.

Other problems tend to occur if attempts have been made to remove the stain using all manner of substances like washing up liquid or some "magical" stain remover advertised on tv. This can lead to the stain getting worked into the carpet fibres and becoming virtually impossible to remove.

We can discuss this with you before we commence cleaning and we can usually give you a good idea of the end result. 

Click here for our DIY stain removal guide 


Applying our stain protector can buy you some precious time to mop up spills before they get absorbed into the fibre and become a problem.

This protector can be applied at the same time as cleaning and works in the following ways

  • Fibres are coated with a protective barrier that reduces adhesion of dry soil, allowing easier removal when vacuuming and helps to reduce wear on these fibres.
  • Stain blocker technology helps to release and prevent staining from common food and drink additives. 
  • Penetration of liquids is slowed down, this means that spills are easier to remove before they get deep into fibres.
  • Invisible fluoro-polymers repel oily soils like cooking fats, grease, hair and body oils.

Please ask for a quote when booking your cleaning appointment.

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